Ways to Make Extra Money? Check out this Top 10 Methods

Top 10 Ways to Make Extra Money

Looking for the best methods or ways to make extra money from your home or maybe outside. Let me welcome you on this post because I’m here to give you in-depth value about make money online, I’m going to teach you Top 10 Proven ways to make extra money.

How much extra money you want to earn?

Before starting this post briefly let thinks about your goals like how much you willing to earn? what you will do with money? Is it for your part time satisfaction or you want to make it passively. Let me know your thoughts in comment section.


Believe me! Nothing is possible without hard work no matter how much you need to earn you will need to do hard work, you will need to give your time,efforts and your hours but if you committed with yourself you will absolutely banking thousands of dollars.

So Commitment is necessary.

1. Sell your old stuff

We all have some old items which also taken much space on our store room. SO is it good to sell that particular items and banking bucks? is it? I know it’s the best method.

If you don’t get me so come on, let me tell you step by step.

  • First go to your store room and found out some old valuable items maybe guitar etc.
  • Sign up with classified websites like Olx.com or others and listed all that products.
  • Write an honest and detail review about your items.
  • Fill out all the necessary information
  • You good to go.

How it Works?

When you listed some items so people willing to buy that specific product. Simple is that! They will contact you via message or call and just deal with his/her.


I know,I know I discussed about “Freelancing” many times but because of its demand. Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make extra money.


Because you’re doing what you always loves to do. I mean you have some skills in photoshop or maybe other specific softwares. So why you not offering your skills to hundreds of clients.

Need Step By Step Guide? So stay here let me tell you.

  • Go to Fiverr,Upwork,People Per Hour and create an account
  • List your skills like “I’ll create whiteboard animation” and set your packages prices
  • Share your services among your friends,family or maybe do some extra social sharing
  • Be Patience and Relax! Get a better idea what your client wants.
  • Convince him to order you by giving discounts,something extra on your skill.
  • Satisfy his/her with your work
  • Get Good Feedback
  • and You Get Paid.

But I haven’t any skills?

Okay you haven’t skills is fine. Just go to Google or YouTube and learn that particular skills you want to learn. I mean if you having good knowledge about colors or something like that so maybe you will become a graphic designer.

3.Sell your Photos

Do you love to take selfies or maybe stunning photos? Do you have only smartphone but you have the abilities for capturing some random photos like nature etc. So Congratulations! You will be the next passive incomer online.

Believe me!There are many websites that paying you upto 50$ on each photo you capture.

Check out the following high paid websites for your photos

  • Pixabay.com
  • ShutterStock.com
  • iStock
  • Crestock

or more. You need to google it for more...

4.Using Facebook Pages or Instagram Profiles

Do you know using your brand like Facebook or Instagram are one the best ways to make extra money.


Because people are loves for getting engagements using your facebook pages or Instagram profiles. Maybe you have the 10,000 organic and followers on your Instagram account maybe you have 100k Likes and real organic followers on your Facebook Page

But Hey, How can I earn?

Come on! let me tell you briefly basically your brand is your asset all you need to offer to your viewers that if they want to promote something so you will run a campaign on your pages or profiles.

Check out the screenshot down below

is it make sense?

Now as you can people are utilizing their brands for making extra bucks even passive income.


Caution: One of the most risky business specially when you doing online so please be careful.

There are many people who ready to buy online accounts like big Facebook pages,YouTube Channels or etc. On the another hand there are also many people who really selling these accounts.

But How you can Earn Money From these People???

Good Question! Let me Explain

First of all you need to find the sellers you will easily found that particular people from Facebook.Go to Facebook.com and write “buy & sell online” There are many groups pop out just join each and every group then all you need to do is just post on that particular groups like “Hey I’m willing to buy 100K Followers Facebook Page”

Still reading! you will be billionaire one day

Now once you found the lots of sellers all you need to just delete your post and offer them that you will sell their items but they have to give you commission.

Example,you get a seller that sells the Facebook Page in 50$ Now you need to find a buyer, same steps just post I’m selling Facebook Page in 80$ that’s mean 30$ will be your profit.

6.Lend your Old Stuff

Do you have a good smartphone or maybe good laptop and you willing to earn some bucks from that items. So lending someone your stuff is one of the best option for you to earn 50$ day.

You just need to create a post like “Guitar is available for rent” 10$ per hour and people will definitely contact you they will paying you advance money first and after their satisfaction they will pay you as much you want.


YouTube is the best option for earn hundreds of dollars even thousands.

How it Works?

Just check out my recent article on that so you will better understand what I’m actually want to tell you.

How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2019

8.Affiliate Marketing

I already discussed about that match but Still let me tell you about this business. Affiliate Marketing is a process where you will promote someone’s products and earns a good commission.

How I start?

If you really want to start your career in Affiliate Marketing so click on the down link below for jump start your career and banking thousands of dollars.

Affiliate Marketing Complete System

Final Words

That’s it for today hope you like this post let me drop your thoughts in comments section and I’m your host Abrar Nadir will be meet your in the next post.


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