Here’s the Top 5 Ways to Make Money on the Side

ways to make money on side
ways to make money on side

Want to know Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Side or maybe you calls “Side Income” So Welcome,Today I’m going to show you Top 5 Ways to Make Money on the Side. My name is Abrar Nadir and Let’s get started.


I listed all that methods according to my experience,scope and accessbility. Don’t Ignore any Methods just because of Numbers.


Cost Per Action (CPA) is a business module in which you get paid when someone takes specific action from your particular link,banner,ads etc. These actions including forums,quotes,surveys,buying,sign up for trial and purchase.

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4.Social Media Marketing

Don’t you think Why Everyone spends hours of hours on their social handles? Think about it!

I have an answer. It’s all about Money.

Social Media Marketing is the process to market someone products,pages,services and brands on your specific pages,profiles,groups etc.

How to Become a Social Media Marketer?

1.Create your own pages, Try to do something unique consistently, analysis your results that how much likes,followers you will get in a week

2.Changes your Strategy: Do everything for getting new organic likes,followers etc.

3.Practice as much as you can so you will understand how much time you will want to work on your clients social handles.

4.Creating your Portfolio: By Building Big Followers Pages you will easily create a strong portfolio about your work. Because Portfolio is something that prove you have something to show your clients.

How to Make Money with That?

When you generated at least 100K Followers on your Facebook Page so now you have the chance to reach out the persons and brands etc. Deals with them that you will post about their stuff on your pages. Charge your amount and you good to go.

Caution: Social Media Marketing is the big field so I’ll also cover about that on my next post.

3.Event Blogging

Event Blogging is the type of “Blogging“In event blogging you just need to start blog on upcoming events. When a particular festival,event started and you have the blog about that so you will generate massive amount of traffic and en-directly revenues.

How to Find Events?

Go to that website select your country and year.

Now you will see the upcoming events according to your country. Just Select any one of that event and start a blog about that.

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2.Become a Spokes Person

Spokes Person are the person that spoke about someone brand,services,business,product or etc. If you loves yourself and you cares about yourself so might be you will become a spokes person.

Equipment’s for Become a Spokes Person?

1.You just need a Good Camera and Microphone. Yes! you can also utilize your smart phone but make sure your phone have atleast 12 mega pixel camera.

2.Lightening are very important because when you shoot yourself you need to be in good lightening.

Additional Tips:

Be Confident and you need to known English very well. English is the most useful communication language so you need to have a great grip on that language.

How to Make Money with that?

It’s easy you simple contact with different brands etc and offer them your services. Or you can also create an account on different freelancing websites like Fiverr,Upwork etc.

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1.URL Shortener

URL Shortening is the best way to earn up 5 to 50$ per day by just sharing some specific links. All you need to do just join the most high paid URL shortening websites like,ClickEarn,ShrinkEarn. These type of websites offers you more then 50$ on per 100 views.

Concept behind this work?

When 1000 viewers go on anything from your link so you will get paid. Basically, these types of websites are the advertisers that offers you when you send them traffic on their websites. Like your friend said to you. “Hey I need a clash of clans game link” So normally you just go to play store and give him that link But If you connected with that ad networks you just short your play store link and give them to your friend. So you will get paid.

Your friend seeing the ads of that network when they skip the ad and go the actual page you will get paid.

Final Words:

That’s it for today. I really appreciate your precious time on my post. If you like that make sure you leave a comment down below and share this information with your friends because “Sharing is Caring”

Abrar Nadir.


  1. A good read. A slight confusion is when you see the featured image of 5 methods and when the title says they are ten methods.

    However, the methods mentioned are good. Best wishes for you, keep up the good work. 🙂


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