What are the Prime Minister Pakistan’s doing in such a short time? Millions of Pakistaniis sit in wait


The Prime Minister will do this in a short while. More than 100 Pakistani people are sitting in wait. Prime Minister Imran Khan will hold a foundation of Kharagpur Raider today, KartarpurCorridor will be constructed for a quarter of four hundred and fifty- fours and Border Terminal Complex Will also be built. According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan will hold the foundation of the road of Kartarpur radar in the afternoon, will also be set up for the construction of offices of various departments near the river Ravi on the river and near the border. All arrangements for the Sang-e-celebration ceremony have been completed, the Flat Protection will be constructed for 800 meters of the bridge, parking area and flood protection on the River Ravi in Kartarpur Corridor project, while the hotel and other hotels are also extended to the other phase. Will be Stage preparation for the foundation stone function of Kartarpur Radiation has been completed, a 20- ft wide 60-foot long stage has been made and the road to the project is being smoothed, construction work is maintained as per the foundation of Prime Minister officially. Will be over.

It was believed that India had laid a foundation for Corridor from the border to Baba to the border on Thursday. On the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Nawajit Singh has reached Sudan, he said that I am proud of being invited to the function. Remember that the Indian Office of Commerce thanked the Pakistani high commission in New Delhi on opening the Kartarpur Corridor on the birthday of Gronkank, while the Indian Cabinet had approved the corridor construction of the Citadelpur border.

On the other hand, The Sikh community has expressed happiness over the opening of the Kartarpur border. The Sikh community says that this kind of government can never be forgotten. Opening the crush border for Sikh pilgrims, it is not less than any blessing, this grace of the government can never be forgotten, the cursor left the hope of opening the border. The Sikh community says that the report will open public relations by opening the Report Bar and improve India’s relations. It is clear that  Pakistan has also planned to issue a special permit for the specific pilgrims instead of issuing visas to access the border with the border facilities to facilitate upcoming pilgrims for the excellence of Gordadara Kartarpur Sahib.


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