What is the biggest Cause of Blindness in the World?


The reason for blindness in the world is diabetes and due to black motive in the eyes of patients with diabetes, the blindness is increasing rapidly. Pakistan is the fifth largest country in terms of diabetes, where large numbers of people suffer from diabetes, Of course, the biggest attack on the disease is on the eyes and due to the black mood, the patient gets permanently blinded. People’s Medical University, I-ward’s charge Dr. Khan Mohammad Nangranjee said that some of the high risks of diabetes patients There are those who have new visas glyma in eyes and suffer unhealthy pain.

We do not have a machine to treat it and send patients to private hospitals where expensive treatment is done. Prof. Azam Hussain Yousufani, Vice Chancellor of People’s Medical University, says that any of our government is responsible for the operation of glue qua patients. The machine does not exist in the hospital. Dr. Salim Faiz, Professor of Lima Kuma’s patients, has appealed to the government to provide treatment to the culprit patients who are not available in a public hospital.


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