What Online Business Model Will You Choose?


Getting back to your delicious spaghetti recipe, now that you have more information on the different sales models, you’re a few steps closer to creating your own business in one of the following ways:

Selling a physical product.

Your delicious spaghetti sauce could be produced in volume, packaged, warehoused and shipped to pasta lovers worldwide. You can offer a variety of bottle sizes (individual, family, party), flavors (meaty, spicy, organic) and styles (sauce only, with noodles, dry spice mix).

You’ll need to either set up a factory or outsource the production. Either way, this is expensive. You’ll need to consider: payment gateway, drop shipper, manufacturing, claims, and returns.

Selling a service.

Your special recipe could be the basis for an Italian-styled catering company. Using a brochure-style website you could market your catering business. Or you could offer in-house training to restaurants. Maybe you could offer personalized coaching to individuals who want to learn to cook an authentic and delicious spaghetti meal.

Setup time and investment will likely be less complicated and less costly than with an actual physical product. It should be easier to differentiate your offering by selling a service.

Sell an information product.

This is probably the least complicated (and thus the least stressful) option. You could write a simple ebook teaching the process and ingredients in your famous recipe. Or you could turn this into a full-blown cooking membership site complete with videos and member forum. Your content can grow as your membership does. 

And who’s to say you can’t do all three business models having a spaghetti sauce based physical product, service, and information product empire incorporating all of these online business models based around your passion, know-how, and expertise.


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