What site computer is slow on Google Chrome?


Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser but uses more computer memory to open websites. As a result, Google Chrome users often experience computer slowdown, but in an easy way, The computer can be speeded up again. And for this method, you need to use the feature called Chrome Task Manager, which is often not known to Chrome users. Chrome Task Manager has been given this browser to best use the computer speed that does not slow down.

If you have too many tabs open on Chrome, they slow down the computer due to a lot of processing power. From the Chrome Task Manager, you can know which tabs are eating more power, closure, etc.

What Should You Do to Speed Up?

You must open the Chrome Task Manager before the card reader, for which Chrome menu in the top right Go and go to the Murray Tool option, where the option of the task manager is available. Click on the popup window to click on this task manager. You can also open the task manager with Shift + Esc shortcuts using Windows operating systems.

There will be lists of open tabs in front of you while working on Chrome will also be able to work. This information contains information about each tab and extension, such as core memory, CPU and network standby. If you notice that a tab or extension is spending too much memory, CPU or network, then you Slide it and then click Processed. If that tab or extension will be shut down, you can turn on any tab in the task manager.


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