What will be the Display of Samsung Galaxy A8S? First Look

First Look of Samsung Galaxy A8S

Samsung’s biggest South Korean company, has introduced a number of smartphones, which have been given the best front camera. So now the company has introduced a phone for the first time, whose The front cell phone has been covered on front. It will be the first phone of Samsung, which will be seen as a backdrop of the camera on the back of the camera. The more interesting thing is that Samsung first ‘infantry’ There are 3 rear cameras on display phone A8S Bac, one of which is 24 megapixels. 

According to all the reports, Samsung is going to launch the first infinity hole Smartphone.

First Look of Samsung galaxy A8S

Launch Date os Samsung A8S

The announcement was announced to introduce the display phone last month. The company has introduced Samsung A8S in China first and its price was not yet announced. But before and after the Samsung. The phone was introduced by the iPhone, the cell phone was hacked on the display of the iPhone X, which was initially joked by Samsung. It is not clear that this phone is in other countries. It is likely that soon it will be introduced in Asia and then in the US and European countries. It is the first phone of the Samsung A8S company, The front of which has been given a display of a cellphone camera in the screen, as a backup camera display. All the cell phones of Samsung have been released within the cell phone so far. Also, Samsung’s sub-company ‘Onar’, a Chinese company, hailed the cell phone on the front of a mobile phone last month before Samsung was also installed in Smart Mobile’s cellphone cameras of other companies.

Main cameras are 24 megapixels of the three cameras on the 8SBack Side, as there is a 10 and third 5 megapixel camera. Similarly, the mobile phone The cell phone is also provided 24 megapixel. With an up to 3400 mAh battery and 128 GB remote, Android version has been used in this mobile phone. It is estimated that the cost of this mobile is Rs. 1 lakh. However, the company did not announce its value.


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