WhatsApp launches three new Most Exciting features for its users


WhatsApp users can turn on self-destructing messages link allot a time under which all messages will be self-destructed. Unlike ‘Delete for Everyone’, this feature will not show that the message has been deleted. It will be like the message never existed.

Users who find WhatsApp Status updates annoying will love this feature.

WhatsApp lets users mute Status updates but they are still visible at the bottom of the screen. With this feature users will be able to hide muted WhatsApp Status updates completely. They can retrieve them from a separate section.

New group privacy*

WhatsApp rolled out group invitation earlier this year. It prevents others from adding users to WhatsApp groups. Users can choose either ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Nobody’ for WhatsApp groups.

The new update brings a change as it replaces ‘Nobody’ with ‘My Contacts expect’. This means that users have to manually select contacts they wish to not get added to groups from


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