WhatsApp users can now decide who gets to add them in group chats


Social messaging giant WhasApp is ready to unroll a new feature that will lead to a number of users unleashing a sigh of relief as the problem of landing in unasked for, continuously buzzing groups on the platform is quite prevalent.

As per the latest intel, WhatsApp has now given the option to users to prevent anyone from being able to add them in groups as the new feature lets them choose if ‘everyone’, their ‘contacts’ or ‘nobody’ at all, can add them.

Apart from this, a number of exciting features are also reportedly in the pipeline as the app’s Android version is said to be welcoming the much-anticipated Dark Mode option as well.

On the other hand, in an attempt to tackle fake news widely spread across the app amongst users through their new ‘forwarding info’ feature that shows the total number of times a news has been forwarded to another user in the app.

Moreover, perhaps the one feature users are most excited for is the finger print authentication which adds an extra layer of security to your WhatsApp chats. 


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