YouTube Channel Ideas – Top 10 Channel ideas you need to Work


There’re are thousands and hundreds of topics for a YouTube Channel. How? We will find the best channel ideas or YouTube Channel ideas for growing rapidly.

In fact, 80% of your success chances on YouTube are depends on your Channel Niches or Topics. Hey, My name is Abrar and In this Video I’m going to show you YouTube Channel ideas.


Yup, the chances of your success on that topics are absolutely higher but don’t work if you not interested on that topics.

10. Gardening

Gardening is the best niche for your YouTube because when you creating a limited content around on one niche you will definitely get boost start. Let me give you an example of Gardening Channel.

YouTube Channel Ideas

Look at the above screenshot this channel generating tons of views in no time. So if you have interest in Gardening stuff or maybe you will hire somebody for creating gardening tutorials.


There are different types of Vlogging content on YouTube, Vlogging is all about talk yourself, your surroundings etc.


Most of the people are thinking that become a Vlogger means going to the mountain places and catching the snaps that not 100% truth. Vlogging is the art to represent your story into unique and creative way. Let me show you a List of Successful Vloggers of Pakistan

8.Homemade Crafts

Homemade Crafting is the best topic for YouTube. Because people loves to watch the DIY things, They loves to know How to create a Wooden car etc. So if you start this type of channel, Chances are higher you will get 20000% Success.

YouTube Channel Ideas

It’s just a idea you can also explore yourself around these topics. Hand Made Crafting is the best topic for you. I suggest you to take action on this topic right now.

7.Reactions Channels

You have nothing to start but you loves to talk about others things or maybe you loves to give your personal opinions. So how’s that to start a Reaction YouTube Channel. Reactions Channels are the fastest growing niche in YouTube. Let me suggest you topics in which you will reacts.

  • Music : You can simple react on the latest songs.
  • Other Big Content Creators : Just simple react on the other big content creators recent videos.
  • Controversy Content : You will react on your neighbors countries like if you live in Pakistan you will react on the Indian Industries etc.

Look at this person, He just reacts on the other content creators videos like Irfan Junejo and Ducky Bhai etc.


Roasting is the another viral niche idea on YouTube. If you are joke maker you wanna say you’re funny. so Roasting will be the best option for you. You will roast on some negative content on YouTube or news etc.

Things you need to know

In Roasting you just need to develop your own dialogues and your own editing style because Roasting are the most competitive niche as well on YouTube.

5.Fitness Videos

Every one wants to lives healthy and fit life. So starting a YouTube Channel is a best option. All you need to do just record your videos if you’re gym lover. Listen! you don’t need to be a Fitness champion or something like that just share your daily exercises in a video format.

Although, if you not want to come on Camera so you will record other people videos and uploaded them on your YouTube Channel.


In 24 hours they are tons of news publishes, Most of the news related to the Politics and starting a YouTube Channel on News is the best channel for revenue as well for your personal branding.

I know maybe you thinking

I has no Professional Video Camera’s or I has not Anchor Skills.

Excellent Question! you know what you don’t need professional lights,camera for news. All you need to do just record your voice with some graphics about news. Done.


Things you need to know

  • If you works on News Channel you must be online/active most of the time in a day. Because there’re bunch of videos are publishing on daily basis.


Gaming is the best niche on YouTube all the time. In fact YouTube itself create a separate section of Gamer known as “YouTube Gaming

More Specific Niches under Gaming

  • Live Streaming Gaming Channel where you will play multiplayer games with your friends like Fortnite or others.
  • You will also start a Android Gaming Channel, All you need to do just play the most popular android games.

Remember! Gaming Rule YouTube

Click here for check the most Successful Gaming Channels on YouTube

2.Social Experiment Channel

Social Experiments is the another best niche for YouTube. If you confident yourself so that’s it you will definitely start a Social Experiment YouTube Channel.

1.Football Training Videos

If you loves to play football or I mean you’re good in Football sports you will teach the skills,passes etc on YouTube. There’re hundreds of Training Channels on YouTube and every channels growing rapidly.

Let me give you an example of a channel about Football Training Videos

Final Words:

That’s it for today. Hope you like this article let me know in comments section and I’ll meet you in the next one.



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