YouTube SEO Tools – How to Optimized your Every Videos

YouTube SEO Tools
YouTube SEO Tools

Obviously Content is King but it doesn’t mean you ignore Video SEO or other SEO Factors. Hey My name is Abrar and In this short tutorial I’m going to walk through you From YouTube SEO Tools. If you looking for the best SEO Tools for YouTube so you’re in right place.

Why Tools are Important?

Tools are Important because they have to be, I mean Tools are necessary for making your work easy if you doing manually efforts so with the help of Tools you will make your work faster.

Why YouTube SEO Tools are Important?

Hmm Good Question! YouTube SEO Tools are Important because of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). with the help of these tools you will never ran out from Video ideas, you will easily generate Optimized Tags or more.

Let’s get started.

1.Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is the most powerful YouTube Management Tool. You can Optimized your Content,Title,Tags and Description in no matter of Time.


Most Valuable Features:

Quick Navigation Links

With these Navigation Feature you will directly access Dashboard,My Videos,Playlists,Comments or others.

Extension Tools

Extension Tools is the best another feature in Tube Buddy. Basically It’s a main feature and that’s why I suggest this extension for you. If you want to explore the Keywords on your selected topic you will need to click on “Keywords Explorer’‘ then you will get bunch of keywords.

Come on, Let me show you Step By Step

Write your Keyword on this section then click on “Explore” you will see the exact results for your specific keyword.

Now you check here you will see the keywords is good or bad. As well You can also get Most Used Tags on this Keyword also Tube Buddy showing you the keyword stats according to your channel.

  • Trending : In Trending Tab you will see this topic is on trending or not.
  • Web Searches also shows you the keyword potential in Google and YouTube
  • Video Topics is the best option where you will also get the similar topics for your next video.

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2. Vidiq

In that time most of biggest content creators knows the value of Vidiq. Vidiq is also another best SEO tools for optimization your videos in YouTube and growing your channel.

YouTube SEO Tools


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Final Words

That’s it for today. Hope you like this post and I’ll meet you with the next one.


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