You’ve never seen a car like this car


Every year there are many congress vehicles that companies call future futures, but the vehicle like South Korean company you have not seen so far.

During the Consumer Electronics Contest Show in Las Vegas, the company introduced ‘Walking Car’ in which spider-like legs help it climb to difficult roads but on the mountains.

This vehicle, Hyundai Allies, is a hiking electric car that can be used in ice, earthquake places, mountain peaks, and many areas.

Photo Gallery Hyundai
And as mentioned above, it has legs such as spiders, but their number is just 4.

Hyundai has declared it a harmful yard solution that can run on four legs or riding on a smooth road with wheels like normal vehicles and can also stairs the stairs.

The company said that this vehicle can climb a 5-foot wall or pass a 5-foot space.

It is designed to access difficult places and it uses electricity as fuel, while using different modules it can be used for different purposes.

Photo Gallery Hyundai
According to the company, disabled persons will be in difficult places with its help, and its number of other opportunities is unlimited.

Hyundai has not been announced to sell this vehicle in the market and it does not know whether it will move beyond the conespect format or not.


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