Zayn Malik and New Controversy about his Religion

Why Zayn Malik Left Islam


Zayn Malik has left Islam?

This is creating a buzz in industry and among his fans.Music is something more than just to enjoy a particular noise which sounds pleasing to ears but it has meaning, life and colors of its own. It is an opening to a different world of creativity where one can delve into. But music industry now is on another level as the power of social media has overcome the distances between celebrities and their fans.

Zayn Malik History : Zayn Malik left Islam

Zayn Malik (Zain Javvad Malik) Born and raised in Bradford, Yorkshire, is a well known singer and songwriter. But as we know, artists can never escape from media controversies and whatever they say, become a headline for the next few days. Same happened when Zayn Malik while giving interview to British Vogue said as quoted,

Vogue Interview : Zayn Malik Left Islam

“ To be very honest I ‘ve never spoken publicly about what my religion beliefs are.”

So.. here Zayn leaves us with a question mark that either is he really going to leave Islam or that was just a public stunt to cause attention among fans..

After reading his interview, I am perplexed and I think so is he. Answering a question he clearly states that “ I spiritually believes I God.” Again…. a question mark. He believes in God and Karma.. but does not believe in “hell”.

Responses of Fans

Religion is a very personal act for him and practising a particular religion is something very private for him. But how can the fans remain silent on his interview. This Trump era is really giving tough time to the people as well as these celebrities. Fan following of Zayn is in a rage and this is something he would have guessed. He ignites fire in the hearts of his Muslim Fan community who are now bashing him on his twitter and instagram accounts.

Zayn kind of hurt the feelings of his Muslim fans by saying there is no need to say prayers five time a day to be a religion person. All needed to be done is to be a good human.

So far, we are now as confused as he is Believing in God but not practising what God says ?? Nahh???





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