Zero Movie high ranking is in risk


‘Zero’ is a unique movie of Bollywood movie King Shahrukh Khan but after critics, it seems that the ordinary people did not like anything more. At least two days of business feel like something. The film released on Friday released the first day of Rs 20.14 crores Indian, which was disappointed for the release of 4800 screens, while Shahrukh Khan, starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, was expected to say this story. He will be able to earn 30 million rupees on the first day. And this business is also low because no other movie was released with Zero.

The second day of the film was disappointed even when it was only 18.22 crores Indian rupees. In general, this movie is 38.36 in 2 days. Crore rupees have been reduced, but holiday till Christmas is expected to improve in the coming days. It is believed that critics and viewers got the opinion of the movie, but the producers expected that business would be better on Sunday and Christmas.

Most of the critics had given the film one to three stars, in which actors It was appreciated but the story of the movie was considered as weak and the biggest weakness. In a review, it was said that while looking at it, you will feel as if two different films are watching in the first and second half, Are different from each other.


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