Zong Internet Packages Weekly, Monthly, Daily Basics


Zong gives us an opportunity to get a glorious internet package. The fastest network of Pakistan provides to his user’s a Bundle of internet packages. In which included all social, weekly, monthly pack. Internet Packages for Zong Users are as under.

1- Internet Bundles

Daily Bundles

Daily basic 100MB Rs. 15

Daily Data Max 500MB Rs. 35

Weekly Bundles

Super Weekly 2.5GB Rs.120

Super Weekly Plus 5GB Rs. 160

Super Weekly Max 10GB Rs. 200

15 Day Bundles 

1 Combo Pack

Monthly Bundles

150MB Rs. 50

500MB Rs. 150

3GB Rs. 300

12GB Rs.717


2- Internet Promotions 

Good Night Offer 2.5GB Rs. 14.5

Daytime Offer 1.2GB Rs. 16

Classified Pack 500MB Rs. 5

Basic Add On 100MB Rs. 10

3- Social Bundles 

WhatsApp Bundles Rs. 20/Month

Facebook Daily 50MB Rs. 5/day

Social Pack 100MB Rs. 10/day

Google DUO 2GB Rs. 10/month

4- All-in-One Bundles

. Weekly Rs. 150(load)

. Supreme Offer Rs. 799/month (load)

. Monthly Rs. 499(load)

. Supreme Plus Rs. 1299/month (load)

Haftawar Load Offer Rs. 180/week


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